the f-word: feminism
Thursday, May 13, 2004

in an effort to make my life more guilt-free, i'm not going to feel bad about not posting exactly when i was hoping to post. yes, i was planning to do a daily write on our 31 days of clutter reduction, but forces have conspired to make it impossible--for the moment. if (i'm talking to myself, mostly, here) it's truly worth writing, it's worth waiting for the time to write thoughtfully and, hopefully, meaningfully. might i lose some readers in the process? quite possibly--likely, even. but such is the chaotic juggernaut of life--chugging erratically down some jagged track, the path of which is visible only a few feet ahead of me.

i'm letting go of the "if only"s in my head. really. i'm letting go.
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i'm literally feeling like i'm so fried i'm crunchy this week. i will, indeed, get to the 31 DAYS postings i promised the one or two of you who read me, but, for the moment, i'm not entirely... functional... outside of work. : )

in the meantime, i've been keeping little notes on what i've been tossing and giving away. stay tuned!
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